“The Wilcox’s are amazing! They have been here every time I needed them, on a moment’s notice. They have the up most respect and caring nature that I could ever ask for. I would highly recommend them!”
-Laurie D., Facebook

“This wonderful couple came to my home and took care of ALL my furbabies. These vets have changed my whole outlook on vets. They were caring and answered all my questions. Most of all it was easy for my babies. And me. Thank you so much!”
-Helena H., Facebook

“They were so good with my pets. Was concerned because I have an older Male cat who does not like the vet and can be aggressive… he got his shots in less than 5 minutes and was licking the doctor when it was done. Will for sure use again.”
-Cindy T., Facebook

“They are very friendly and answered my questions and concerns. Made me and Hershey feel very comfortable. So glad I found them.”
-Jean T., Facebook

“Loved the Wilcox’s! Dr. Whitney was so great with all 3 of my dogs. From my 90lb Shepherd to my 9lb mini boston! My big boy is a terrible car rider so a home visit was so much easier and it didn’t fill my brand new car with tons of dog hair! lol! Awesome service and so convenient!”
-Courtney W., Facebook

“My two older cats absolutely hate riding in the car and one will disappear for days after a vet visit. They were so careful and kind to my nervous cats. Neither one enjoyed the actual visit, but it was way less traumatic. After they left, the cats were back to normal, with no hiding out or being skittish or anything. This was so much better than driving them to the vet. And it’s obvious how much they care and enjoy their job. I highly recommend this service. Thanks so much for your patience and care with my cats!!!”
-Stephanie H., Facebook

“Best vet experience ever! So great not having to transport a hurt animal!”
-Mark F., Google

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